He was an avid poker player, but when he visited casinos he usually sat down at the blackjack tables.
Because of Mr. Roundheg's interest in gambling, we have gone into a partnership with the online casino "Casino Buddha". One of the top online casinos in its genre.
Our members will get discounts and benefits if they become members with Buddha, so if you're interested in games and online casinos, read on.


At the very moment that you sign up to the casino, you will receive a bonus of 200%.
What does this mean? Good question, because this means that you get an additional sum of 200% of whatever you inserted into your account.
Let us take an example. Say you paid USD 1000 into your member account with Casino Buddha. Well, if this was your first payment into the casino, you would then receive an additional USD 2000 on top of the USD 1000 that you paid. Consequently, you would have USD 3000 to play for.
Note that it would not be possible to withdraw the USD 2000 that you got for free, only the money that you yourself paid, in this example USD 1000.
Still, a very good offer, as you can probably see for yourself.

Free spins

But the benefits don't stop there because as a new member of the casino you will get an additional gift of 1000 free spins. Free spins are great for those of you who just love to play on slot machines.
Because a free spin is an opportunity to spin the wheels of the fruit machine (slot machine) without spending any money doing so.
It's a free round on the house. If you win you collect all the winnings, but you do not spend any of your hard-earned cash.


If you play on Casino Buddha you can rest assured that security is one hundred percent.
There are extremely advanced routines for dealing with your personal information, and we also offer great service if you should have any concern about your account.
We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and available for chat, on the telephone or simply through email.