We here at the society have many activities during a typical year. There are several social gatherings, including the famous Christmas party where we gather all members to an evening with food, meditation, fun and games.
But the bulk of our activities is focused on retreats, talks, courses and other inspirational and informational events.
We have a set of standard events that we do not change from year to year, and then we have the other events which are subject to change yearly.

Standard Events

We have mentioned the Christmas party, but there are many other standard events.
Each year starts, for example, with our January 2nd retreat, which actually starts on
January 2nd, but then continues to the next Saturday and Sunday.
In the event that January 2nd falls on a Saturday, we have two full days of retreat starting that day. If it falls on a Sunday we start the event on January 1st. In all other scenarios, we start on January 2nd in the evening, then continue on the following Saturday.
This January event is one of the most popular events we have, and most of our members love to start the year in this manner. They find that it really helps to focus in on nonduality. We follow this up three months later, and in this fashion, we have four milestone events to safely escort us through the year. These four events are free and are normally led by our head teacher Franz Meier.
In addition to these four seasonal events, we offer a winter- and a summer retreat. These are week-long in-depth events that go deep into nonduality. We try to hire and schedule international figures within the nondual community, and our members are always curious to see who we managed to book.
The winter retreat is normally announced in January, and the summer retreat in April, so there is plenty of time to decide once you know who will be leading the retreats.

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One Off Events

We also have, typically, four to six one-off events during the year.
These events are announced a few months before they occur, and as a member you get this information straight to your email inbox.