Welcome to the Roundhegians webpage. A website dedicated to the teachings of Rupert Roundheg, one of the most important nondual philosophers of the last century, and an avid gambler.
Mr. Roundheg died in 1999, and this website was one of his wishes for posterity. The site is run by The Roundhegian Society, also called, simply, The Roundhegians.

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Casino and games

Because of Rupert's huge interest in gaming, games and especially casino games, we do tend to offer much information about these types of events as well. This could be small videos offering tips on how to win Mobilbet freespins whn playing slot machines or more intense workshop videos where we offer in-depth tips and tricks to those of you who are interested in these matters. Please take note that we also offer real-life workshops on games and casino things (in addition to all non-duality issues), so please check our schedule to find a date and place that suits you.


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